The Belief Awards is an international online contest, only for Wedding Creators that are active members of the Belief community.

It happens twice per year, and the 12th edition will be open for submissions from November 18 to December 1st.

Winners will be announced on January 21st.

How does it work?

=> Each member can submit up to 3 weddings for FREE (as part of the membership)

=> Extra entries are available ($10 each extra wedding) - up to 10 extra

=> 10 images per wedding - (Important: all images must be of the same wedding)
=> Tell us more about the wedding (one form per wedding).
Here is the link!

=> The judging panel will choose the photos accordingly to the categories below:
* Wedding Concept
* Destination Wedding
* Special Photo
* Black & White
* Cultural Wedding


Good luck! 

Winners of the Belief Awards are been featured everywhere

Rules of the Belief Awards

Read this before submitting your weddings!

  • No watermark or logo. Entries that are submitted with logo/watermark will be automatically disqualified. 

  • Only professional photos. The main goal of the Belief Awards is to promote Beliefers’ work worldwide. Pictures with low resolution, quality, or cellphone pictures, will be disqualified. 

  • No photo collages are allowed.

  • Submit 10 pictures per wedding (72 dpi, at least 1000px, no more than 1MB per image)

  • You must have the approval of the couple and the photographer before you submit. In case you win, you will be asked to sign an agreement term, also the couple and photographer. This is mandatory, no excuses. 

  • The wedding must have be done within 2017 - 2019.  

  • Entries must be submitted inside the Dashboard (member.beliefweddingplanners.com). Entries submitted via email, dropbox, google drive or any other way, will be disqualified. 

  • Deadline is December 1st, 2019. 11:59pm UK. Make sure to double check your time zone.


You have questions, we have answers!

  • How does it work the wedding submission for the Awards?

    • Login to the dashboard ==> https://members.beliefweddingplanners.com/index

    • Follow the steps to submit your weddings

    • Click the blue button “Add entry” to submit the 10 images of a single wedding

    • After submitting, send us via email a file with 10 lines of text about each wedding submitted.

    • All members have 3 FREE entries (weddings) to submit

    • All members can buy extra entries here ==> https://members.beliefweddingplanners.com/index

    • *IMPORTANT* : you don’t need to submit all the entries at once. Deadline is December 1st, 2019. 11:59pm UK. Make sure to double check your time zone.

    • Each extra entry is $10 and you can add up to 10 extra. 

      • click the green button “Buy Extra Entries” and you will be redirected to another page

      • choose how many entries you want

      • after the payment is confirmed, we will add extra entries on your account

    • 10 images per wedding (72 dpi, at least 1000px, no more than 1MB per image)

    • Don’t submit photos with logos or watermarks

    • No photo collages are allowed

    • Send professional pictures. Don’t send photos from phones or with bad quality 


  • Should I have the previous authorization from the photographer and couple?

Yes. You don’t need to send the authorisation to us when you submit your entries, but it’s important to let them know that you are participating in an international award. If you are one of the winners, we will send you the link with the Agreement Terms for you (wedding creator), the couple and photographer. 


  • I’ve got married recently and I like my photos, can I submit my own wedding?

    • No. You cannot submit your own wedding. 


  • Can I submit weddings that I already submitted on previous editions?

    • Yes, you can. Just make sure to not submit wedding that have won in the past, or your entry will be disqualified. 


  • I am participating on the Belief Wedding Book. Can I submit the same wedding? 

    • Yes, you can. 


  • I don’t have the permission to use the pictures, can I submit anyway?

    • No. You need to have their consent to participate.

  • I have a beautiful wedding but the photographer gave exclusivity for a blog or magazine. Can I submit anyway? 

    • You can, but if you win we won’t be able to promote it, so you will be disqualified. Keep in mind the main goal of the Awards is to recognize you as an international wedding creator and work to feature you worldwide. 


  • Let's say that I’m one of the winners. What happens next?

    • You will receive an email from Giovana Duailibe sharing with you the news and all the information needed.

    • Agreement Terms should be signed. By you, the photographer, and the couple (both of them). 

    • You will have approximately 48 hours for this stage. Make sure to let your couple and photographer in stand by for this. 

    • After the announcement (January 21st), we will start to promote the Awards 12th edition on our social media channels and website. 


  • I want to be featured worldwide to promote my work, how does it work?

    • The Press Service to promote you worldwide as one of the winners is not included. In case you are among the winners, we highly recommend you to participate. Our goal is to get you featured in at least one country that is not yours. International press services are super expensive, and because of our relationship with the press, we can offer you for a symbolic fee.

    • The Press Strategy investment is $125 and you have up to 48 hours after we notify you of the result, to let us know if you will participate. You cannot be added after we start the press service. 

    • You will need to fill out a form with more information and extra pictures. We will make sure to submit your wedding as a real wedding, and also as part of the Awards’ result.

    • This is not an individual work. You will be featured among other winners, and in case the media outlet like your photos, they will feature you as a real wedding. This is not guaranteed. Our commitment is to promote you in at least one outlet out of your own country. We don’t promise any result, even if we know by experience that winners are featured more than once internationally. 

    • This is the 12th edition, we have had incredible results in the past and we are confident that this edition will be even better.